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Nov 8, 2023

Description: Ann Mason, WCLA is TruGreen’s National Workers Compensation Manager. With 35 years of experience in the insurance industry, Ann began her career in 1988 as a claims adjustor. She quickly rose through the ranks and enjoyed roles in claims support, office administration, and human resources. Ann played a pivotal role in establishing quality control standards for an independent medical exam company and helped a private investigation team achieve prominence. In 2008, she began a four-year term with the New Hampshire Adjustors Association, culminating with serving as president and on their board of directors. Ann joined TruGreen in 2009, became their national workers’ compensation manager in 2014, and now works to develop strategies that create a healthier workforce and decrease claims volumes and higher claims-closed ratios. Ann is a 2023 Teddy Award recipient.


In today’s episode of the In The Know podcast, Chris Hampshire and Ann explore the workers’ compensation aspect of the insurance industry, her strategic advice for vertical movement in insurance, and a look at the possibilities of the industry’s future.


Key Takeaways

  • Ann highlights her passion for working in workers’ compensation.

  • The best parts of workers’ compensation, TruGreen, and injury exposures in their program.

  • Ann’s approach to assembling an effective workers’ comp program.

  • The initial challenges of creating a workers’ comp program and their creative solutions.

  • Ann’s experience as a 2023 Teddy Award recipient.

  • Strategic advice for vertical movement in the insurance industry.

  • The value of working with a mentor in the industry.

  • Working as a female leader in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

  • The changing role of data in workers’ compensation.

  • Addressing the talent shortage by highlighting opportunities at a high school level.

  • Ann’s five-year look at the impact of AI in the insurance industry.

  • “Hard work pays off” — Ann shares the key to her successful career.



  • “I’ve always had my hand in the workers’ comp arena because I love it. I love helping people.”

  • “We talk about injuries all the time to determine how we can eliminate those kinds of injuries moving forward and what we missed.”

  • “I never saw myself as a person winning an award because I just did my job.”

  • “I watched along the way and aspired to be the next person on the next step up.”

  • “I don’t always consider myself a leader, I just do my job.”

  • “If I’m helping people, that’s just part of the job and it comes naturally.”

  • “Being able to leverage data in coming years is going to be phenomenal.”

  • “Hard work pays off. It really does.”