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Aug 4, 2021

Rita Williams-Bogar provides consultative services to businesses and individuals in the areas of leadership and organizational development, emotional intelligence, diversity, insurance technical education, and more. She is a keynote speaker for the insurance industry and uses a client-centered approach to tailor workshops to her clients’ needs. Her mission is to share proven strategies to help people reach their potential. In this week’s episode, we learn about Rita and her vast career experience in the insurance industry.


Key Takeaways

  • A little bit about Rita and how she found herself in insurance.
  • Mentorship has been a huge part of Rita’s success.
  • When Rita is able to blend her passion for psychology and leadership together, there’s something magical that just happens in a room full of students.
  • There are no such things as “soft skills.” Soft skills are quite hard to successfully execute on!
  • When the pandemic hit, people were panicking and didn’t believe they could do this job remotely. Rita knew it was possible.
  • As an independent contractor, Rita’s biggest challenge was understanding how to price her services.
  • Rita charged the same price she was being paid at her previous position. Mistake! That was way too low.
  • Are you interested in teaching? Rita shares how she got her start.
  • When it comes to diversity and inclusion, where does the industry stand?
  • There’s a huge talent gap in insurance. What do insurance professionals need to be thinking about?
  • So many people are unaware of the vast possibilities and opportunities that are in insurance. We need to be proactive in teaching newcomers what’s out there.
  • Remember, normal is going to be different, going forward. Rita doesn’t believe we’ll get back to 2019’s “normal.”


Keep Getting Better

Rita on LinkedIn




“I would encourage people to follow their dream.”


“My price is my price. If this is not what you want to pay, what is it that you want to remove from the proposal?”


“Higher management had the right idea (to hire diverse candidates), but the people who were running the day-to-day operations had a different idea.”