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Jun 15, 2022

Cindy Baroway joins the conversation this week from the exhibit hall floor at Risk World. Cindy is the Executive Director for the University of Colorado Denver’s risk management program and is a past Global President of the CPCU. She gives her thoughts on how the industry can attract new talent, how we can better hire and retain diverse talent, and her best advice for new graduates looking for an internship or career in insurance. Cindy also talks about why she joined the CPCU society, and the rewards her involvement has brought to her professionally and personally.


Key Takeaways

  • Cindy shares her perspective on being a female executive in the insurance industry.
  • Companies can cite that diversity is important to them, but making feel employees feel comfortable is critical as well.
  • What other lessons can Cindy impart to companies trying to encourage more diversity in the executive ranks?
  • If you’re going to play golf or going out to have drinks after work, ask yourself if you are including everyone in the office.
  • Students are looking for flexibility and impact when considering a role in insurance.
  • What can companies do who are recruiting Risk Management students?
  • Cindy shares her thoughts on the best practices to try and attract commuters and first-generation students to insurance.
  • Cindy talks about the benefits she gained from being a part of the CPCU society.


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Cindy Baroway

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  • “If you can lead a group of volunteers, you’re going to be successful in your business environment.”
  • “It’s not so much just about how people look. If you’re not welcoming, the minute they walk in the door, people aren’t going to stay.”
  • “If you’re going out to play golf, or you’re going out to have drinks after work, or having even a Zoom happy hour, are you including everybody within that office that should be there as well?”