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Oct 1, 2021

Spenser Villwock is the Executive Director & President of the CPCU Society! He has over two decades of leading purpose and mission-driven organizations to achieve greater outcomes. In this special episode, Spenser dives into the latest updates and changes happening within the CPCU Society and what members can look forward to in the upcoming year.


Key Takeaways

  • A little bit about Spenser and how he found himself in insurance.

  • As a new President, what attracted Spenser the most about the CPCU Society?

  • Spenser’s challenge for the CPCU Society is to reinvent themselves in a way that attracts a wider audience and better serves the needs of today’s workforce.

  • Spenser does an overview of some of the challenges industry professionals are experiencing as a whole.

  • Unfortunately, the industry is ignoring these changing demands and still trying to do what worked last year, or five years ago, and it’s not making a big impact.

  • What upcoming changes can members expect to see within the CPCU Society under Spenser’s new leadership?

  • Spenser is excited to diversify the membership portfolio.

  • There are five new categories of membership happening. Spenser breaks this down.

  • You can expect these changes to take place on Nov 1st!

  • What is Spenser’s impression of the local chapters within the CPCU Society? And where does Spenser see areas of improvement?

  • There’s been a consolidation of interest groups within the membership. What’s going to happen with the interest groups?

  • What does Spenser’s vision for the future look like?

  • Spenser shares what he wishes he’d learned sooner about his career.


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