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Mar 3, 2021

Dan Ridler is the Head of Global Risk Intelligence and Data at Axco Insurance Information. He is an experienced analyst that specializes in country risk, geopolitics, political economy, and intelligence analysis. In this week’s episode, he shares the ripple effects the pandemic is going to have on risk management, what are some of the trends and patterns he’s seeing occurring, and how Brexit will be shaping the way things work in the region.


Key Takeaways

  • How did Dan get involved in risk management?
  • Dan is fascinated by looking ahead and seeing how the world’s landscape will be different in 10-plus years.
  • Dan shares some of the surprising encounters he’s had in this industry and some recent learnings he’s had.
  • What are clients concerned about or thinking about these days?
  • Bad data is just as bad as no data!
  • Where does Axco see where we’re headed and how are they adapting to the changes in the environment due to the pandemic?
  • The pandemic has completely changed the way we work and Dan doesn’t see us going back to “the way things were.”
  • Where are the next big opportunities or trends happening right now?
  • Dan shares his thoughts on Brexit and how it’ll affect the region.
  • What does Dan wish he’d known sooner about his career?


Keep Getting Better

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“This is a ripple effect that’s going to go down for years and years, and the effects of the pandemic are certainly going to be far-reaching.”


“Every day a new challenge presents itself and companies have an awful lot to think about.”


“Clearly, some businesses and some people haven’t been prepared for Brexit and the harshness of it wasn’t entirely clear.”