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Sep 1, 2021

Sean Noonan is the Underwriting Supervisor at EMC Insurance Companies and shares his experience with us in this week’s episode. He talks about the dynamic and diverse aspects of the insurance industry, offers his thoughts on what it’s like to be a leader, and what the insurance industry needs to do differently to attract the next level of talent!


Key Takeaways

  • A little bit of Sean and how he got involved in insurance!
  • The great thing about insurance is that there is a personality that matches every professional opening within the industry.
  • What was the transition out of college and into the workforce like for Sean? 
  • It was important that Sean get involved in a field that had growth. He didn’t want to remain stagnant in his career.
  • Sean shares why he wanted to move geographically and take on a different position in insurance.
  • No amount of books will prepare you for real-life leadership lessons.
  • How can the insurance space become more appealing to the next generation of employees?
  • The insurance industry needs to stop focusing on how stable the industry is and focus more on how much of a positive impact we have on people’s lives. The world cannot operate without insurance! 
  • The perception of the industry was that it was going to be all suits and very boring. However, when Sean entered, it was quite the opposite!
  • Why is it important to get involved with an organization or chapters like the CPCU Society?
  • Sean shares where he sees insurance headed and how the pandemic has changed the way we work forever.
  • How can CPCU make a bigger impact for its members? Sean weighs in.
  • What does Sean wish he’d learned sooner?


Keep Getting Better

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“The sooner people are exposed to insurance and all the different facets... People think insurance is one-dimensional; there are so many different roles that fit so many different personalities. You can find whatever you like in insurance.”


“As a leader, you really can’t prepare yourself for some of the personal dynamics that occur in a leadership role until you’re in the situation.”


“Stability is nice, but we’re selling the industry short. We do great things. We are there for people during disasters, it’s a noble profession; we take care of people.”