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Nov 19, 2021

Ari Chester is the Chief Operating Officer of Americas Reinsurance at SiriusPoint, a global reinsurer with over $3 billion in capital. In this week’s episode, we learn a little bit about Ari, the three things SiriusPoint looks for when investing in products and companies, why Ari is proud of getting his CPCU certification, and so much more!


Key Takeaways

  • A little bit about Ari and how he discovered insurance.
  • Why did Ari choose to work at SiriusPoint?
  • Ari shares what’s different about leaving the consulting/McKinsey world vs. working within the insurance industry.
  • Where is the future of reinsurance headed?
  • What does SiriusPoint like to invest in and how do they manage risk?
  • Ari wants to work with people who have a thesis; a mission, and he looks for someone open to feedback.
  • What types of challenges does the industry face right now?
  • Ari talks about the benefits of getting his CPCU certification.
  • It’s so important, no matter where you are in your career, that you have a commitment to learning.
  • Insurance is a very relationship-intensive business, you need to consciously be building your network.
  • Why does Ari recommend joining the insurance industry?
  • What did Ari wish he knew at the very beginning of his career?


Keep Getting Better

Ari on LinkedIn




“I wanted to work somewhere where it was a bit edgy, more of a startup feel, where the core mission wasn’t just to do insurance but to disrupt and make a difference.”


“One of the challenges is adoption. The technology is available and present, but it doesn’t mean it’ll be used.”


“There’s a lot of benefit from continuing to learn in an industry that’s fast-changing. I truly believe in a mission of continuing education.”