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Mar 18, 2021

Grace Judson is a leadership geek and has over 25 years of experience in the corporate world. Passionate about neuroscience, Grace found her calling when she was just two years old, and always knew she wanted people to just stop and see each other. Today, Grace shares how we can introduce better change leadership initiatives into an organization and actually see it through completion.


Key Takeaways

  • How did Grace get her start at the age of two?
  • How did Grace get into software development and how did this journey lead her to insurance?
  • When it comes to leadership, Grace wanted to know what made someone really excel in this area.
  • Change leadership is not as well taught or understood in a lot of organizations.
  • How can you leverage neuroscience to help everyone in an organization get on the same page?
  • There are tools for us to understand our reptilian brain and get us doing good work without resistance.
  • Grace shares a tool that helps people get out of an emotionally reactive state.
  • People aren’t going to respond well if you just tell them, “This is your job. Get over it.”
  • When does it make sense to become a professional speaker?
  • Grace is passionate about making the workplace more fun and she shares what the three principles of work are.
  • What permission are your words and your actions giving to other people? No matter what, people are watching.
  • Grace shares her thoughts on what the impact of the pandemic will be and how leadership roles will be shifting.
  • Grace’s change leadership program was developed before the pandemic, and the timing couldn’t have been better.
  • What does Grace wish she’d known earlier about her career?


Keep Getting Better

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“Change leadership and change management are two different things. They’re both necessary, but neither are sufficient on their own.”


“Without the people aspect, which does include neuroscience, without that, change initiatives fail at an alarming rate.”


“How we show up as leaders, we’re setting an example for people who you may not even realize are watching us.”