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Jan 20, 2021

Peter Miller is the President and CEO of The Institutes and the Chair of the Board at RiskStream Collaborative. Peter sits down to discuss what exciting new things are happening in the world of insurance education at both The Institutes and the CPCU Society. He also shares why he’s passionate about insurance and where he believes the future of insurance is headed right now.


Key Takeaways

  • Peter shares a little bit about his IT and programming background.
  • What’s the difference between The Institutes vs. the CPCU Society?
  • How did Peter go from programming to insurance?
  • Peter shares how insurance has made a positive impact on developing countries.
  • If you have any sort of catastrophe, insurance can help you. This has allowed people to accelerate in their business and their quality of life.
  • The Institutes is over 100 years old! Peter shares how they’ve brought testing online.
  • Human judgment is still a key factor when trying to underwrite insurance claims.
  • The CPCU Society has updated their designation and certification.
  • Where is the future of insurance education headed?
  • How will data help the industry and what role will data play when underwriting insurance claims?
  • Peter shares where he thinks the future of insurance is headed.
  • How will the world be permanently changed as a result of the pandemic?


Keep Getting Better

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“Especially in developing countries, you can see the value in the risk management and insurance industry. They realize that no single person can take all the risk that’s encapsulated in a modern economy without some form of financial backstop.”


“If you think about it, we help people at some of the worst times in their lives, and how awesome that we get a chance to do that. I got into this industry because it’s a noble industry with a great purpose.”


“People will always be first in our industry, but the tools that people use will be more integrated and more data-driven than they have been in the past.”